Me & My Battle With Mental Health

I’m Claire, just turned 30 and was diagnosed with bipolar and psychosis just over a year ago after a series of weird behaviour, hallucinations, hearing voices, paranoia (thinking people wanted to harm me). Looking back, it had gone on a long time, but being mentally ill was the last thing people (including myself) expected. I’m now starting to get better – I’ve been lucky to have the support that I got – and wanted to share my experiences with others; whether they’re mentally ill themselves, or supporting someone with the illness. I know that being able to read about other people’s problems really helped me to feel a bit better. So I’ve created this blog so I can hopefully make other sufferer’s feel better too.

Over time I’ll share what my experiences have been, how it started, coping strategies etc. If anyone has anything specific they’d like me to blog about, drop me an email and I’ll do what I can:

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